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Shake Up The Workplace started as an event to bring attention to the need for transformation in the way we work. The Unconference format was chosen to integrate the participants’ most pressing questions and issues into the setting - all the while having people from different levels, companies, and industries at the same table.

After a short while, the idea gained more traction and grew into a full-fledged Future of Work Ecosystem. And so did the team. The two WeWent founders and Shake Up The Workplace initiators Aleksandra Potrykus and Bilge Apak were joined by wellbeing designer Reka Deak, strategy and communication consultant Isabel Steinhoff, and collaboration expert Daniel Stoller-Schai.

Within the last year, Shake Up The Workplace has attracted numerous partners and around 2000 followers on LinkedIn and an online community of around 300 “Shakers”. The Unconference itself still happened under strict adherence to the health guidelines and attracted 180 people and was supported by a large group of volunteers.

Going forward we want to keep on facilitating exchange, experimentation, and collaboration among our Shaker Community members as well as keep growing the Ecosystem through long term partnerships.

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