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Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship

Date: starting fall semester 2021

UZH IREM Campus Schlieren, Wagistr. 12, 8952 Schlieren

Apply now! More information here: www.bep.uzh.ch

The Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship (30 ECTS Credits) provides well-founded, problem-oriented training in the translation of scientific knowledge in the fields of BioTech, MedTech and Pharma. In addition, candidates will acquire the competence to tackle translational questions with suitable scientific instruments and to develop promising solutions. The Minor demonstrates approaches and methods for translating scientific results in the field of life sciences into marketable offerings for patients. The internship in a life science company offers insights into the professional world and can also open up new potential opportunities after graduation.

Requirements for admission:

Students who have a completed Bachelor of Science degree in a scientific or medical field of study from the UZH or the ETH Zurich with at least 120 ECTS credits in life sciences (biology, biochemistry, biomedicine, chemistry, business chemistry, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, physics) are eligible. Students with a Bachelor's degree from another university can apply if they are enrolled in a Master's program in the UZH Faculty of Science. Admission is by application. For more information about the application process and criteria, please check the website: www.bep.uzh.ch


Marion Haug, PhD

Program manager BioMed Entrepreneurship

Institute for Regenerative Medicine · IREM

University of Zurich

Wagistrasse 12

CH – 8952 Schlieren

e-mail: marion.haug@uzh.ch

phone: +41 635 76 96

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