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Quality slow news, where you want it when you want it.

Smart Switzerland is the leading innovation media platform in Switzerland.

We prepare quality Slow Focused-News around essential topics which will help our audience FOCUS on going deep into topics we are presenting.

"Usually, we say, people do not like to read, people like consume pictures, Instagram,

Six seconds of the video etc."

Mainstream opinion

Really? What does fast news consumption bring us?

You can spend a whole day watching business or essential News whereby the tempo of information is enormous, and you are not able to use this information to improve your life at home or work. Is fast News enriching your experience?


We take an alternative approach to News and media:

  • Smart Switzerland is dissent. We bring primary content from conferences and events to you

  • We support a community platform enabling knowledge sharing, learning and engagement

  • Editorial decisions are driven by relevance and depth

  • Community is co-creator of content


 – these are core topics we are moving, keeping our society on the edge of changes, sharp, focused, ready for growth and development. "

Rafal Solis,

Executive Producer

Smart Switzerland

If News do not deliver you solutions, then they are NOT a NEWS or neither and INFORMATION. Information is a value which you can use. Only deep insights will bring you the knowledge and move you to stable growth as a person, as a family woman/man, as a member of the Swiss Society.

Smart Switzerland is a Media Platform which is only possible to be watched by engagement.


If you are happy from News you can get daily, now, you should keep your position, but if you feel that things you are watching do not bring changes into your life, then you should join us and help us extend the importance of real information and growth.

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Jeff, Adam, Christian


Art of Life Director

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Anna, Ruxi, Jacob, Martin


Technology Head Maniac

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